Label for safety, for organization, for compliance — or just so you know what's what! Whether you're working in a research facility or a construction site, or if you're a parent who's just struggling to keep your kids' stuff in one place, there's a good chance that labels are a part of your life. Some of the most important labels are the least obtrusive — replica uhren kaufen have you ever picked a quality control label off something you bought? Labels have a role in keeping corporate property where it belongs, in transporting dangerous goods, and yes, in quality control.

In these pages, you'll learn about replica rolex watches the difference between ANSI and OSHA (with a slight detour into signage), about using asset tags to track your company's property, and about innovative products like special labels that disintegrate when tampered with, letting you know that someone's been messing with your goods.

Right to know labels
What are "right to know" labels?
Ever heard of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring? Thanks to her pioneering work in this 1962 book...

Identification label
identification label
Tired of spending your days at the office looking for misplaced inventory or lamenting the “mysterious”...

Safety labels
Safety Labels: OSHA or ANSI?
It might all sound like an alphabet soup of acronyms, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration…

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